Halfplex - 111 Kensington Heights. Road, Belleville, IL 62226

Family occupied - NOT for Rent or Sale

         This Halfplex is available is NOT for rent or Sale.


This place has had a total makeover is 2008!

It is 1060 square feet of living space with large size rooms.

  • Living Room - Has a stone working wood fireplace and wall to wall carpet. A full size picture window.
  • Kitchen & Dining Room - Was a complete remodel just a few years ago.  It has been well maintained. It's an L shape with new laminate hardwood floors. It also houses a full utility room which has a washer & dryer hook-up. (Water Heater, furnace and storage cabinets are also there).There are sliding patio doors that open out the back. A concrete patio is right off the kitchen and dining area. Lighted and perfect for BBQ's and just lounging.
  • Bedrooms are very large with long closets with sliding doors.
  • Double full size closets in hallway.
  • The bathroom was gutted and new floor and sub-floor installed along with new plumbing. It is large and has a surround tub / shower.  The fixtures are all new throughout. Lots of storage in the vanity with six drawers.


The current rent is $725 per month. No utilities are included. This is an all electric dwelling.

Current Owners Tenant Application and rental process:

There is a security deposit.  This deposit does not go toward rent when you move (unless you are delinquent). It is held in a special escrow account that is used if a tenant damages anything. We do a face-to-face walk through and record on paper and pictures anything necessary to show the condition prior to move-in.  We do it again on moving out.  Adjustments, if any, are deducted from the deposit.  Either the full deposit amount is refunded or the balance after adjustments (damage or repairs including any cleaning, unpaid rent, etc.) The amount of this deposit is $700.00 and has to be paid before moving in.

Total cost to move in on the 1st of the Month would be $1450.00 (Application fees are not refundable). 

This unit is in St. Clair County. It has been inspected and approved for renting. You are required to obtain an occupancy permit. Fee payable to St. Clair Co.

Please visit the other links for photos and more information. Then use the links above to contact us and download a rental application.

This Condo will be rented with no lease. A month to month agreement is required. Rent is due on the 1st of each month. The first month will be prorated if move in is after the 1st.

Please use the contact form to make an appointment to see this Condo or ask questions.

Application and Move In Requirements

  1. Application Completed - $20 for each adult that will occupy this unit. (This fee is non-refundable).
  2. Rental Deposit - $50.00 minimum to HOLD the unit while your application is being processed. (This deposit will be refunded if your application is not approved - Exception: If false statements are made your deposit will be used for lost rent).
  3. If approved your deposit to hold will be deducted from the first months rent or security deposit and the balance will be collected. (Pro-rated if after the 1st).
  4. Your rental agreement will be signed and a copy furnished to you. (You will need to take this to the Courthouse for your occupancy permit).
  5. You are required by St. Clair County to go to the Courthouse and obtain an occupancy permit. It will list only the names of your household. Fee required.
  6. You will need to get your utilities turned on. This residence is all electric. All you need to turn on is electric and water. Sewer is billed by St. Clair County.
  7. Trash pickup is available from Waste Management and maybe by other vendors. For more information about this contact St. Clair County for a list.
  8. Move in and enjoy your new home!

For additional information and an appointment to view please click on the Contact Us link above and fill in the form. We will call you.

Differences Between a Halfplex and a Duplex

A duplex is two units attached to each other and deeded as one parcel. Think of it as a 2-unit building. Each unit may be identical to each other in size and configuration or it may be different -- such as a one bedroom, one bath on one side and a three bedroom, two bath on the other.

* A halfplex is one-half of an attached residence. You will find two halfplexes  per building, but each is deeded separately and each has its own parcel number.

Halfplexes tend to mirror each other, each side may be the same. They do not share common floor space, that is they are not built on top of each other but are situated side by side.

Halfplexes usually share a back yard, divided by a fence. For all practical purposes, a halfplex is like a single family residence that shares a common wall. Sometimes they are separated by the garages, storage areas or carports. 

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